Accessibility Statement

Staffmark Group is committed to ensuring its communications are accessible to those with special needs, and strives to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Our website meets the requirements of W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to an intermediate level that is AA compliant


Where possible, links describe the target page and make sense when taken out of context. The site allows browsers such as JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx and Opera to extract the links on a page, allowing you to browse them separately from the page.

We have provided a site map to help with finding content.

Links to our policies, Privacy Statement, Terms & Conditions and this Accessibility Statement appear at the bottom of every page.


ALT tags are used to display descriptions of images except where they are used for decorative purposes only.


The number of PDFs on the site have been kept to a minimum. Adobe has recently updated its free reader to include screen reading functionality.


Good contrast between foreground and background colours is kept throughout the site. The majority of content appears in black on white background. Colour is never used as a single method of differentiating content.


The site is free of frames and uses cascading style sheets for visual layout. Style sheets use relative font sizes. Users have the option to view the site with a range of font sizes.


Our content is written to be as clear and easy to understand as possible.