Access to employee personnel records is limited to those individuals who have a “need to know,” or the responsibility to review. More specifically, access to the files is limited to:


  • the individual who handles branch personnel administration;
  • the employee’s supervisor or manager;
  • Regional Management;
  • Authorized personnel in the Corporate Human Resources Department;
  • Internal Audit; and
  • Law Department.


Any other individual who needs to access a personnel record must obtain written permission from the Human Resources Department.


An employee may review their own personnel record in accordance with the following:

  • a request to examine the file must be made in advance of the actual examination;
  • files may only be examined in the presence of the employee’s supervisor/manager or the individual responsible for personnel administration. Due to required supervision, review of the file should usually not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Employees may not remove or alter any information in his/her employment record. Such action may result in the employee’s termination.
  • Employees may not photocopy any document in the personnel record (unless otherwise allowed by state law). They may, however, make notes about the contents of the file.


Personnel records are the property of the Company and not the property of the employee.



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